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Population Health Data

This site functions as a resource for sharing population health data, especially for measures which provide a snapshot of the overall health of Idahoans. As an accredited public health agency, the Division of Public Health strives to meet the standards established by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) which demonstrate the required level of achievement that a health department is expected to meet. Nearly all PHAB standards rely on data to develop, assess, monitor, inform, and improve Division of Public Health programs and practices.


The Division of Public Health’s Strategic Plan has identified priority areas which include leveraging and using data more effectively across the Division as well as improving data accessibility for use by stakeholders (i.e., public health agencies, health systems, decision-makers, and the public). The data found on this website are intended to help the Division of Public Health achieve those priority area strategic goals.

For more information about these data or other population health data contact:

Joseph Pollard

Health Data Analytics Manager


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