United Way of Southeastern Idaho - Bannock County

On August 27, 2021, Get Healthy Idaho announced the United Way of Southeastern Idaho (UWSEI) as the recipient of the second round of GHI funding. High rates of poverty in combination with low rates of healthcare access and other social and geographic inequities have created significant vulnerabilities and disparate health outcomes for residents across the United Way's focus area of Bannock County.

In October 2021, the UWSEI started their four-year GHI effort to improve health across Bannock County using the following strategy: 

  1. Build relationships and form a multi-sector collaborative

  2. Assess the health needs and opportunities to improve health across the county

  3. Identify community health priorities

  4. Develop a robust community action plan, and

  5. Work with the community to implement actions and interventions to improve health.



During the first year of funding (October 2021-September 2022), the United Way of Southeastern Idaho (UWSEI) is engaging with community partners and stakeholders to build partnerships, align missions and organize a multi-sector health collaborative. The UWSEI team, along with researchers at Idaho State University, have developed and conducted a county-wide health system landscape analysis along with a community health assessment that has allowed them to collect lived-experience data directly from community members. The combination of the landscape analysis and community survey results will help the collaborative to better understand the upstream and downstream conditions that are shaping health outcomes in Bannock County. During summer 2022, they will use this information to develop an evidence-based Community Action Plan to address the social, economic, and environmental drivers of health in subsequent years of the initiative.


By investing in the social determinants of health, this funding opportunity aims to address Get Healthy Idaho’s four strategic health priorities - diabetes, obesity, behavioral health, and unintentional injury. Research clearly shows that up to 80 percent of what makes us healthy is determined by factors outside of clinic walls, such as access to affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, nutritious foods, livable incomes, and quality educational opportunities. GHI will enable Bannock County to address poor health conditions “downstream” by shaping the factors, supports, services and infrastructure needed “upstream” to create a community where people can be healthy and thrive.

Questions about Get Healthy Idaho can be directed to: GetHealthyIdaho@dhw.idaho.gov