Place-Based Initiatives

To achieve Get Healthy Idaho's vision: Healthy people living and thriving in safe, healthy and resilient communities, the Division is activating a place-based approach to improve modifiable conditions within communities that impact health. Focusing on "place" will enable us to look at the whole story within a community or neighborhood, such as patterns or trends of disease, significant health disparities, and poor health outcomes. Additionally, an intentional focus on the people within a place helps to gain a better understanding of residents and a neighborhood's history and culture. Place-based health priorities can be identified through community outreach and engagement, building relationships with residents and ensuring there is space at the table to identify the challenges, opportunities and shared priorities of the community. 

Through GHI, the department will make intentional investments that empower communities to make actionable changes that are determined and led by them. This approach will build upon existing assets and find local solutions to address identified gaps, while fostering partnerships that aid in sustaining and catalyzing the community’s progress.

Research shows wide differences in quality of life and life expectancy depending on where an individual lives. Where you live influences your ability to access fresh healthy food, quality schools, safe parks and green space, health care services, jobs with fair wages, places to socialize and connect and a variety of stable, affordable housing options. For example, to improve both health and educational outcomes, neighborhoods need quality schools with safe routes that enable students, and residents alike, to walk or ride comfortably.