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Led by the Division of Public Health, Get Healthy Idaho is a five-year plan, consisting of two integral parts: a statewide, comprehensive population health assessment that provides the foundation for understanding the health of Idahoans and its communities; and a population health improvement plan focused on efforts to address specific priority areas identified through the assessment. 


The health priorities identified in partnership with stakeholders are the division’s focus for the 2020-2024 health improvement plan. They include diabetes, obesity/overweight, behavioral health, and unintentional injury. The first year of the initiative focused primarily on building a funding structure and investment strategy, refining communication plans and sharing the vision and strategy for Get Healthy Idaho with partners both within the department and at the community level.

Subsequent years of the plan are focused on the place-based initiative, starting with identifying and funding communities and supporting local collaboratives to assess their community's needs, identify root causes and sustainable solutions, and empower the community to lead and drive changes.

Cover Image of the Get Healthy Idaho Plan

The most recent update of the Get Healthy Idaho Health ​Improvement Plan identified four specific goals:

Goal 1: Advance Equity

Goal 2: Enhance Partnerships

Goal 3: Financial Longevity of Placed-Based Initiatives

Goal 4: Create an Equity-Centered Data System

Learn more about the Get Healthy Idaho Health Improvement Plan:

Get Healthy Idaho Health Improvement Plan 2020-2024

Get Healthy Idaho Health Improvement Plan-2021 Update



Get Healthy Idaho supports the Division of Public Health Strategic Plan and is a key initiative of the Department of Health and Welfare Strategic Plan. Goal 3 of the department's strategic plan is to "help Idahoans become as healthy and self-sufficient as possible". Get Healthy Idaho fits into objective 3.2, Address health disparities and the social determinants of health associated with the priority health issues (diabetes, obesity, injury and behavioral health) by partnering with and investing in at least one high-risk community per year, through June 2024.

Learn more about the department strategic plan:

SFY22 Department of Health and Welfare Strategic Plan

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