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Get Healthy Idaho Assessment

In early 2019, the Get Healthy Idaho planning committee, consisting of division leaders and data owners, convened to reflect on the previous statewide health assessment and population health improvement plan (2015-2019) and to strategize the framework, process and priority identification for the 2020-2024 plan. The Community Health Assessment Toolkit, from the Association for Community Health Improvement, was identified as an ideal model for the 2020-2024 Get Healthy Idaho initiative, as it “offers a nine-step pathway for conducting a CHA and developing implementation strategies”. This pathway guides and supports a community health assessment process, with community engagement as a central priority built into each step.

The 2021 update to the GHI Health Improvement Plan includes strategies that will enable GHI to grow into a more sustainable, impactful, and equitable initiative.

Community Health Assessment Toolkit 9 Step Process
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