Introduction to Get Healthy Idaho

As much as 80 percent of what makes us healthy is determined by factors outside of clinic walls, such as access to affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, nutritious foods, livable incomes and quality educational opportunities. To improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, reduce health disparities and improve health equity, the Idaho Division of Public Health is shifting the way federal and state funds are leveraged and invested in communities to address the social determinants of health.


In State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020, the Division of Public Health (division) began a collaborative process to identify the state’s top health priorities and develop a five-year plan to address them. This initiative and accompanying plan is known as Get Healthy Idaho: Building Healthy and Resilient Communities (Get Healthy Idaho).

Get Healthy Idaho envisions healthy people living and thriving in

safe, healthy and resilient communities.

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The department has a unique opportunity to achieve the vision of Get Healthy Idaho by investing in bold and innovative solutions that address the root causes of poor health. These root causes, called the social determinants of health, are the "conditions and environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality of life outcomes and risks."(1) The department is committed to addressing these conditions to improve health equity for all, regardless of age, income, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability.

The following strategies will help the division achieve Get Healthy Idaho's vision, including: identifying high-priority communities; cultivating partnerships and capacity; achieving a shared vision; empowering a community-led approach; and investing in upstream approaches that impact the social determinants of health.

The division is committed to improving health and achieving equity for the most vulnerable individuals, families and communities. Building healthy communities, increasing resilience and improving health outcomes requires integration and collaboration across the entire Department of Health and Welfare (department) and fostering partnerships across all systems and sectors that affect health. By removing the silos that exist both within and outside of the department, the division can better leverage funding and partnerships and optimize resources to support this community-driven approach.


Get Healthy Idaho has broadened the scope and flexibility of the department’s operations and funding structure by focusing narrow (on one or two communities) and deep (significant investments that make an impact over time). By using local data more effectively, this new model will support a place-based health initiative to increase healthy opportunities  identified and driven by the community.

Get Healthy Idaho supports the division’s strategic plan and is a key initiative of the department’s strategic plan to “catalyze community-driven, place-based health initiatives addressing determinants of health in high priority communities.”

Aligning Strategic Plans

Get Healthy Idaho is a five-year plan, consisting of two integral parts: a statewide, comprehensive population health assessment that provides the foundation for understanding the health of Idahoans and its communities; and a population health improvement plan focused on efforts to address specific priority areas identified through the assessment. 


The health priorities identified by stakeholders are the division’s focus for the next five years. They include diabetes, obesity/overweight, behavioral health, and unintentional injury. The first year of the initiative focused on operationalizing the initiative; including building a funding structure, refining communication plans and sharing the vision and strategy for Get Healthy Idaho with partners both within the department and at the community level.

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Subsequent years of the plan will focus on funding a community and supporting a collaborative to assess their community's needs, identify root causes and sustainable solutions, and empower the community to lead and drive changes.

Get Healthy Idaho supports the division’s strategic plan and is a key initiative of the department’s strategic plan to “catalyze community-driven, place-based health initiatives addressing determinants of health in high priority communities.”


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