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The division has a deep commitment to improving health and achieving equity for the most vulnerable individuals, families and communities. The division cannot build health, increase resilience and improve health outcomes alone; it will require integration and collaboration with the entire Department of Health and Welfare (department) and include fostering partnerships across all systems and sectors that affect health. By removing the silos that exist both within and outside of the department, the division can better leverage funding and partnerships and optimize resources to support this community-driven approach.


A movement of this breadth and magnitude calls for a shift in the department’s organizational funding structure from one that has traditionally invested wide-and-shallow to one that focuses narrow-and-deep in prioritized communities in order to catalyze community-driven, place-based health initiatives.

This shift includes rethinking and changing conventional funding structures to create a system that more effectively uses data to invest in the health of specific populations.

Using the division’s vision, and by combining resources and aligning goals with statewide and community partners, the department has a unique opportunity to invest in bold and innovative solutions that address the root causes of poor health affecting entire communities and, ultimately, individuals, families and children. To achieve this, the department must turn its focus towards addressing the key influencers of health, also referred to as the social determinants of health, in specific communities to improve health equity for all, regardless of age, income, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability.

Get Healthy Idaho consists of two integral parts: a statewide, comprehensive population health assessment that provides the foundation for understanding the health of Idahoans and its communities; and a population health improvement plan focused on efforts to address specific priority areas identified through the assessment. The division conducts the Get Healthy Idaho assessment every five years and updates the data annually. The health improvement plan is a five-year plan, monitored quarterly, with annual updates made as necessary.


Get Healthy Idaho supports the division’s strategic plan and the department’s larger strategic plan to “catalyze community-driven, place-based health initiatives addressing determinants of health in high priority communities.”


Get Healthy Idaho supports the division’s strategic plan and the department’s larger strategic plan to “catalyze community-driven, place-based health initiatives addressing determinants of health in high priority communities.”

The strategies the division will utilize to achieve this vision include identifying high-priority communities; cultivating partnerships and capacity; achieving a shared vision; empowering a community-led approach; and investing in upstream approaches that impact the social determinants of health.

The health priorities identified in Get Healthy Idaho are the division’s focus for the next five years (2020-2024); however, to positively impact these health priorities, the division and department must develop the foundational components of the initiative. The first year of the initiative focused on building the framework and infrastructure that did not exist at the department. This included defining terminology, refining communication plans and establishing connections both within the department and with other statewide partners.

The second and subsequent years will include finalizing fiscal structures, releasing a solicitation for proposals to communities, and funding at least one community per year to assess their needs and initiate place-based changes.

A major shift in the way Idaho funds and addresses population-level prevention and health promotion strategies is needed in order to improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, reduce health disparities and improve health equity across Idaho. In State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020, the Division of Public Health (division) is embarking on a collaborative process to identify the state’s top health priorities and develop a five-year plan to address those priorities. This initiative and accompanying plan is known as Get Healthy Idaho: Building Healthy and Resilient Communities (Get Healthy Idaho).

The vision of Get Healthy Idaho is healthy people living and thriving in safe, healthy and resilient communities.

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